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Participants Needed for New ACA Advisory Working Group

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

HBX is announcing the formation of a new working group, the ACA Advisory Working Group. Given the potential for significant changes to the Affordable Care Act by Congress, as well as regulatory and administrative actions at the federal level that can impact the District’s marketplace without enactment of legislation, HBX is convening this new working group to develop consensus recommendations for local policy interventions.

The ACA Working Group will be chaired by Board Member Leighton Ku and Jodi Kwarciany, of the DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI), will serve as Vice Chair.  

ACA working group charges:

  1. Identify local policy options to strengthen the ACA protections assuming that the ACA is not repealed (or replaced).   The ongoing Administration actions are jeopardizing the stability of our health insurance marketplace, e.g. not enforcing the individual responsibility requirement, no commitment to reimburse cost sharing reductions.  The focus here is affordability, consumer protections, and market stability.    
  2. If the ACA is repealed:  identify local policy options. The focus primarily is private health insurance (small group and individual marketplace) – affordability, consumer protections, and market stability.   

In addition to staff from HBX, the Department of Health Care Finance and the Department of Insurance Securities and Banking will have staff participating to provide technical assistance and input.
It is important that the working group have a broad array of participants that include: consumers, small business representatives, patient advocates, providers, brokers, health insurance carriers, and health policy experts.  

If you are interested in joining, please email Debra Curtis at [email protected]. We need people who can commit to fully participating as this is likely to be a significant commitment with numerous meetings over the next several months. The meetings always include an option to participate by phone. The ACA Working Group is tentatively scheduled to conduct its first meeting the second week in July.