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Advisory Working Groups

A top priority of the HBX is building stakeholder partnerships and engaging consumer and community groups in developing, implementing and operating DC Health Link.  The board and executive director of the HBX firmly believe that to build a successful health insurance exchange where residents, families and small businesses can choose quality affordable health plans, it must be built from the ground up and involve everyone.

The resources of sister government agencies, health care leaders, community advocates, small business owners and industry professionals must be leveraged in working together to establish a health insurance exchange that meets the needs of consumers and businesses.

The process for involving stakeholders is through the Advisory Working Groups. These working groups are chaired by a board member and vice chaired by a member of the HBX Standing Advisory Board. The groups are given topic specific issues to address within set time-frames. Stakeholders will be asked to serve as members on the working groups and share their professional expertise.

2014 Working Groups

Working Group Description Chair Vice-Chair Timeframe Facilitator Status Reports & Materials
Standard Plans Recommend standard plans for all metal level tiers Leighton Ku Dania Palanker September/October Mary Beth Senkewicz Active Meeting materials
Dental Plans Recommend standards and benefit offerings for stand-alone dental plans offered through DC Health Link Leighton Ku Katherine Stocks February/March Mary Beth Senkewicz Active Meeting materials