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DC Health Link Broker Attestations

A broker that has registered and been approved with DC Health Link is agreeing to the DC Health Link Statement of Producer Attestations by logging into www.DCHealthLink.com. This Statement of Producer Attestations is found below.

Applicable to All Producers Registered to Sell Insurance on DCHealthlink.com insurance marketplace*

By logging into DC Health Link’s Trained Experts website, a producer attests to the following as a condition of maintaining his or her registration and “Approved Broker” designation for DC Health Link:


  1. Producer attests that s/he has and will maintain a license in good standing with the DC Department of Insurance Securities and Banking (DISB) as an insurance producer authorized to sell health insurance.

  2. Producer attests that s/he will timely complete and comply with all current and future training requirements established by DC Health Link and will not misrepresent satisfactory completion of or cheat on an examination for DC Health Link required training.

  3. Producer attests that s/he will adhere to the guidelines established for the use and display of DC Health Link authorized logos and marketing and promotions guidelines found at http://hbx.dc.gov/brokerseal.

  4. Producer attests that s/he is appointed with all of the insurance carriers and their corresponding entities for the markets in which he or she intends to participate.

  5. Producer attests that s/he will provide the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority notification of status changes including, but not limited to, name change, licensure standing, appointments, address or employment changes, and contact information etc., within 30 days of any such change.  Such notification can be made by email to [email protected].

  6. Producer attests that s/he will maintain a current email address where DC Health Link will send notices.

  7. Producer attests that s/he will not receive compensation from an individual or small employer for their enrollment through DC Health Link.

  8. Producer attests that when quoting or prior to enrolling individuals or small employers through DC Health Link s/he will inform the individual or small employers of all the plan options available to them on DC Health Link.

  9. Producer attests that s/he will use privacy and security procedures in compliance with DC Health Link privacy and security policies, including but not limited to:

    a. Protecting personally identifiable information with reasonable operational, administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability and to prevent unauthorized or inappropriate access, use or disclosure;

    b. Specifying the purpose for which personally identifiable information is collected.  The use and disclosure of such information will be limited to and consistent with that purpose;

    c. Not using or disclosing personally identifiable information for a purpose other than what was specified without further consent of the individual or as required by law; 

    d. Maintaining the same level of privacy and security with regard to personally identifiable information received from DC Health Link or its designees; and

    e. Allowing an individual to obtain easy and timely access to his or her personally identifiable information and correct such information if erroneous.

  10. Producer attests that s/he will report a breach of any personally identifiable information immediately to the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority. Report such a breach by email to [email protected].

  11. Producer attests that s/he will provide complaint information submitted by individuals and small employers s/he has enrolled through DC Health Link to the appropriate agency in a timely manner. 

  12. Producer attests that s/he will make relevant referrals to the DC Healthcare Alliance or to other agencies or programs as appropriate.

  13. Producer attests s/he will maintain an exemplary standard of professional conduct, including providing the highest level of service to all individuals and treating all individuals with respect.

  14. Producer attests that s/he will maintain complete and accurate records for a minimum of (3) years of all transactions pertaining to applications submitted to DC Health Link, and any other documents as may be required by law.  Producer attests that s/he will make such records available to the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority upon reasonable prior notice.

  15. Producer attests s/he will indemnify and hold harmless the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority and all of its executive board, officers, agents and servants against any and all claims of liability or lawsuits arising from or based on, or as a consequence of or result of, any act, omission or default of the producer, in activities related to DC Health Link including, but not limited to, misuse of private information.

These attestations shall remain in effect unless and until there is termination of the producer’s registration for DC Health Link.  All requirements imposed hereunder with respect to recordkeeping and privacy and security of information shall survive the termination of the Producer registration with DC Health Link.

Termination for cause can be immediate and without prior notice, when a broker’s license has been suspended, cancelled, surrendered or otherwise terminated, if the broker fails to maintain required appointments or DC health Link required training, or if the broker commits any misrepresentation or fraudulent act. 

* DC Health Link Statement of Producer Attestations does not apply to producers that are employed by carriers and may register as certified application counselors.